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hb. Home bakes in Ponkunnam (Kottayam) is a fssai certified homebased company. We serve fresh homemade cakes free from preservaties. We deliver cakes and cupcakes in areas near to Ponkunnam, Kanjirappally and Kottayam. Customisation of cakes are also done. Our cakes are good in taste to maintain high quality and in appearence too. Kindly do orders atleast 2 dayz before. You can find us more about in instagram ( hb. homebakes ). We provide cakes such as carrot cake, fruit cake, chocolate cake, pinapple cake, marble cake, vanilla cake and more. Iceing cakes includes black forest, white forest, red velvet, vancho, butterscotch, nutty bubble, pista, chocolate, chocolate truffle, kit kat, strawberry, blue berry, cupcakes, jar cakes etc.

Minimum order: 1 kg

Starting Price : 300 INR / KG

Address & Location

Edackalathu (h), Chennakkunnu P. O, Ponkunnam, Kottayam, Kerala


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