Wedding day... Weddings have been recorded since time immemorial in every culture and civilization.  It unites families, communities, and sometimes even nations. Weddings take place in every tribal community, faraway among the aboriginals and in exquisite locations.

Each wedding has its own custom and traditions.

The word brings memories afresh to couples of the day-long back when they wore the finest all eyes fixed on them, an occasion for their dearest to wish them, shower blessings and the boy and girl became husband and wife. It is a dream come true for every young boy and girl who waited for this day to start the journey with the partner of their choice.

The bride to be and groom prepare for this day with meticulous planning. The garments, venue, decorations, bridesmaids, vintage car or limousine for travel, honeymoon, gourmet menu, photography are some of the items they plan well before.

Cake cutting is a custom in modern-day weddings and is an integral part of wedding day celebrations. The sweetness of the first bite of the wedding cake shared is to last the entire marital life. It is symbolic of the love and tenderness the couple has for each other. The wedding cake to be cut is placed on a pedestal where all eyes focus during the cake cutting. Extreme care and caution are to be taken to find the best cake in town which is to be cut in front of guests. 

But how?

Who will provide a presentable cake?

How to pick a special cake to be shared with the invited guests?

What about the taste?

Which cake to order?

The search ends with  My baker. Couples can visit the numerous pages of home bakers that they have already baked to order a custom made cake just for you. Couples have the opportunity to interact with the baker beforehand to place their order. This once in a lifetime event is to be cherished. An off the shelf cake will linger in the minds of guests as it is personalized and special. Photos of the wedding day cake and cake cutting in wedding albums will always make couples remember the special day and feel good.

My Baker helps you to find the best home baker who takes care and effort to make your day memorable.