About My Baker

My Baker is an online platform that helps customers who are seeking a cake for celebrating birthdays ,anniversaries, events at home or elsewhere without going to a cake shop to customise and order after seeing a variety of cakes which the bakers have created themselves.

You will also become a part of people who are supporting budding entrepreneur bakers who wants to showcase their creativity and sell their products to a big market ,in turn helping them to generate more business.

My Baker gives more visibility to young talented bakers to the public .

Customers can share their creative idea of a fabulous cake to the bakers who in turn can give them their dream cake.

Customers will have the satisfaction that the custom made cakes are made just for you by the baker who takes extra care in the making at each stage.

Customers will have the opportunity to interact with the bakers for custom made delicacy’s for making customers day special and memorable..

At My Baker a variety of cookies is available made by the neighborhood homebaker ideal for desserts and snacks. Mothers can surprise their kids after a long day at school or online classes with evening snacks from My Baker. Bread & Rolls ,Pizzas too in My Baker makes an ideal place not only for occasions but also as a daily search platform.

Customers have the easy access to the baker by searching in My Baker the location for district in Kerala which leads them to the right baker near to them with the address and the reference map.